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The Next Generation of Intelligent Automation for Government and Healthcare Agencies
Australia & New Zealand Summit 6 – 16 August, 2019

Blue Prism is bringing one of the world’s leading academics and author on automation to Australia and New Zealand in August.

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Register (free) below to hear London School of Economics Professor of Work, Technology and Globalisation, Leslie Willcocks’ invaluable insight into automation and the public sector.

To start, select your city...

Wellington | Tuesday, 6 August |  Register
Brisbane | Thursday, 8 August | Register
Melbourne | Friday, 9 August | Register
Canberra | Tuesday, 13 August | Register
Sydney | Wednesday, 14 August | Register
Perth | Friday, 16 August | Register

About the Professor


Prof Willcocks PR Photo.jpeg

Leslie Willcocks is Professor of Work, Technology and Globalisation at the London School of Economics and is co-author of 57 books, including most recently Robotic Process and Cognitive Automation: The Next Phase (2018), Dynamic Innovation Through Outsourcing (2018), Service Automation Robots and The Future of Work (2016) and Global Business Management Foundations (2008). 

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