Jumpstart your automation programme in just 4 weeks’ time!*

The “Jumpstart” program was created by SS&C Blue Prism to help businesses kick-start their Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation journey.

The program takes a very simple approach – imagine what a new way of working might look like, identify a simple process to start with, automate it, find another and repeat the exercise - getting better, quicker and a little more adventurous each time you do.

… and before you know it, you’ll be on your Digital Transformation journey.

The Jumpstart Framework

1. Identify a process suited to Intelligent Automation
2. Document the process using our "Capture" tool
3. Calculate the automation effort and ROI
4. Build, test and run the automation

*This is an average timeline taken by our customers. Actual timeline may vary depending on selected process

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